General Dentistry Services in Salinas

Salinas Family Dentist offers all the patients the care needed to prevent unhealthy teeth and gums.

Studies have shown that dental care affects more than your teeth. Healthy teeth and gums have been linked to longer lifespans, better digestion, less risk for cancer, and recently have been associated with Alzheimer’s prevention. Your teeth and gums are the gateways to the rest of your body, and the more you care for them the better your health will be.

Romie Lane Dentist, led by Dr. Mark Washburn, is a family dentist and dental office that is available to provide you and your entire family with comprehensive, caring dental care. If you’re ready for a new dentist, give us a call today at (831) 758-0959.

Our Family Dentist in Salinas, CA

Dr. Washburn and his team take a different approach to dentistry. We believe in always taking a conservative approach. That means we:

• Never pressure you into procedures you do not need.
• Focus on prevention even more than treatment.
• See what is possible without a big investment.

We want you to be in the best possible oral health with the least amount of time altering your teeth and gums. We also do our best to educate you on both the procedures we complete and on prevention because our hope is that every time we see you, you’re glad to be in the office and ready to see the improvements to your oral health.

Dental Services at Romie Lane Dentist

General dentists are those that care for your teeth and gums regularly. We get to know your mouth inside and out and provide a range of services depending on your dental health. Just a few of our services include:

• Dental Cleanings
• Dental Fillings
• Dental Crowns
• Dental Bridges
• Bad Breath Treatments
• Night Guards

Our office is also able to provide root canals without sending you to an endodontist. We’re a one-stop source for most of your dental needs. You can also review the photos below to learn more about our dental services.

Preventive and Conservative Dentistry

We believe that prevention is most important when it comes to maintaining your oral health. We also believe that conservative approaches – when combined with the expert diagnosis – is the best way to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. If you’d like to see why so many patients have chosen Dr. Washburn and Romie Lane Dentist as their most trusted dental provider, please contact us today at (831) 758-0959 or set up an appointment via our form.

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