Common Cosmetic Dental Problems in Salinas Cosmetic Dentist

Even if you once had “perfect” teeth, aging, lifestyle choices, and genetic factors can begin to impact your teeth and your bite function and Salinas Cosmetic Dentists can help.

At Dr. Washburn’s office, Dr. Washburn and his experienced staff in the Cosmetic dentist’s Salinas office understand the importance of the health and aesthetic appearance of your smile. They offer a range of general, implant, and cosmetic dental procedures to correct and improve your smile.

Common Cosmetic Problems

There are many issues that can detract from the smile of your dreams and the first impression you make on others. A straight, white smile is essential in many social and business situations. Fortunately, problems with your smile are correctable. Common cosmetic dentistry issues include:

• Stained and/or yellowed teeth
• Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
• Over-closed bite – Lips purse out, lower teeth don’t show
• Overlapped or crowded teeth
• Misshapen teeth
• Gummy smile
• Gum recession
• Old crowns with dark metal margins showing

For each of these cosmetic dental issues, there is a solution. Dr. Washburn will personally work with you in determining which cosmetic dental treatment best suits your needs.

During your exam, close up photos of your teeth may be taken to evaluate any aesthetic imbalance of your teeth and smile. You may fill out a questionnaire to evaluate any concerns or problems with your teeth and smile.

Cosmetic dentists in Salinas

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