An initial visit to our office will take approximately 60 minutes, during which time Dr. Washburn will complete a comprehensive oral evaluation. This typically includes a series of X-Rays, an oral cancer screening, and an evaluation of your gums. Additionally, we use this time to address any concerns you may have and, hopefully, get to know you as our new patient.
Every patient varies, but as a general rule, the ADA recommends visiting your dentist every 6 months. A full series of X-Rays are taken once every 5 years and check-up X-Rays (4 X-rays) are completed every 2 years.
Brush 2x daily, floss 1 time per day.
There is a direct correlation between smoking, gum disease, and oral cancer.
Absolutely. We offer payment plans, CareCredit, and accept MC/Visa, Discover, and American Express.
Oral injuries are often painful, and should be treated by a dentist as soon as possible. Attempt to find the tooth, rinse, do not scrub, the tooth to remove dirt or debris. Do not attempt to replace the tooth into the socket as this could cause further damage. Place the clean tooth in your mouth between your cheek and gum or under your tongue. Get to the dentist. Successful re-implantation is possible only when treatment is performed promptly. If it is not possible to store the tooth in the mouth of the injured person, wrap the tooth in a clean cloth or gauze and immerse it in milk

Commercial whitening toothpaste varies greatly in their ability to whiten teeth. They work by removing surface stains from the teeth with the use of mild abrasives. However, unlike professional whitening, some whitening toothpaste does not alter the intrinsic color of the teeth. Toothpaste that is effective in removing stains can also destroy tooth enamel in the process. These toothpaste use harsh abrasives. With repeated use, harsh abrasives begin to damage tooth enamel and can contribute to increased tooth sensitivity.

Before we can present you with appropriate options, we first need to determine why you have those spaces. Depending on your individual circumstances, the options may range from braces to bonding. Bonding a tooth colored material to your existing tooth, to close those spaces, is quite often the most conservative and reversible option. In most cases this “Bonding” option does not require removal of any part of your tooth. New materials are capable of imitating natural tooth structure very realistically, so nobody can tell you have had anything done!
Tooth sensitivity can be due to a variety of causes. These can include decay, faulty fillings, and exposed root structure. It is best to call our office to schedule an appointment to determine the cause.
Make it fun! If you are enthusiastic about brushing your teeth, your children will also be enthusiastic. If your children see you brushing your teeth and displaying good dental habits, they will follow. All children should be seen by their 1st birthday or 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth.