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Cavities are a part of life. Some people are naturally prone to cavities, even with regular oral hygiene. Others may get cavities as a result of diet, or “forgetting” to floss, or not visiting the dentist often enough. But no matter the cause of your cavity, it’s important to address it as quickly as possible.

Cavities, when left untreated, may allow bacteria to enter the root of the tooth and eventually require a root canal or other more serious procedures. Treat your dental cavities early by calling Romie Lane Dentist today at (831) 758-0959.

Types of Fillings at Romie Lane Dentist

It was common in the past to use metal fillings. But these days, we use natural, tooth-colored resins that provide a much more natural appearance to the teeth. The most common type of filling is a porcelain filling, which is highly durable and looks just it is a part of your natural tooth.

Romie Lane Dentist Salinas Dental Filling Services

Here at Romie Lane Dentist, we want to make sure your teeth are in the best health possible. We also want you to be proud of your smile, and able to show it off without thinking about any cavities or visible dental work. That’s why we provide:

• Fillings for Dental Carries – If you have any dental caries (cavities), we’ll use the ideal filling to make sure we’re able to cover the hole completely and prevent any further decay. Dr. Washburn is one of the most experienced, skilled dental experts for getting into the smallest of cavities and creating long-lasting, realistic fillings that last.
• Metal Fillings Replacements – If you already have metal fillings and you’d like to replace them with either a longer-lasting material or replace them for cosmetic reasons, we can provide you with a metal filling replacements that use the porcelain and natural-looking resins to improve the look of your teeth.

We believe in a conservative approach to dental care, and providing you with the highest quality in dental fillings is a part of that approach. If you are ready to have us see your teeth and find if you need dental fillings in Salinas, please contact us today.

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