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Salinas Cosmetic Dentist Explains Dental Calculus

Salinas Cosmetic Dentist- Dental Calculus

Four Ways to Prevent according to your Salinas Cosmetic Dentist

Dental Calculus has nothing to do with math. It is the technical terms for plaque or tartar build-up in the mouth. During regular dental examinations, your dental team will remove the build-up with a scalar. The dental calculus is made up of calcified bacteria and calcium phosphate which collects on the surface of the teeth and hardens over time. Dental Calculus is harmful to the teeth and causes tooth enamel decay and is the leading cause of cavities. If not removed by a professional such as Dr. Washburn, your Salinas Cosmetic Dentist, you could be at risk for unhealthy gums and tooth decay.

Tips for Keeping Dental Calculus Under Control

  1. Brush: Cleaning your teeth two times for two minutes each day can help brush of the surfaces of your teeth. Do not forget to get the hard to reach places such as rear molars and behind the teeth.
  2. Toothpaste: Toothpaste with fluoride in it can not only prevent plaque but it can help to restore already damaged enamel.
  3. Floss: You’ve heard it before, floss your teeth. Floss is the only way to remove what your toothbrush could not and forgetting to floss can be detrimental to your gum and teeth.
  4. Diet: Eating healthy and watching what types of food go into your mouth can be helpful in maintain a healthy set of teeth. Sugary food and drinks can bring a lot of bacteria into your mouth, so make sure that you brush your teeth or drink water between or after a meal to flush the unwanted bacteria out of your mouth.

If you are already suffering from the effects of Dental Calculus, dental surgeons such as Salinas Cosmetic Dentist provide restoration of damaged enamels due to plaque and tartar. Visit your dentists every six months for regular cleaning and practice these four tips to keep your teeth clean and you smiling.