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5 Questions for Choosing the Right Dentist

woman searching for right dentist

Are you dissatisfied with the quality of dental care you’re currently receiving? Have you moved to a new city? Has it been years since you’ve visited the dentist? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’re here to help!
Good oral health is essential to maintaining overall wellness, and you deserve the best dentist to help you achieve your smile health and esthetic goals.
To find a dentist who meets your needs and desires, ask yourself these five questions:

What services does this dentist offer?

Choosing a dentist who meets all your dental needs is important. This goes beyond preventive care. If you ever decide to have your teeth whitened, or if you need a dental crown, you’ll want a dentist you’ve already built a relationship with.
For that to happen, now is the time to choose a dentist who offers restorative and cosmetic services along with preventive treatments. At Romie Lane Dentistry, we offer a wide range of services to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.
For families, this means no more separate dental appointments—family trips to the dentist could become your new normal!

What education, training, and experience do the dentist and dental team have?

Check out the dentist’s “About Me” or “Staff” page to learn about his philosophy, education, training, and his professional memberships.
Dr. Washburn began his dental career while serving in the Dental Corps, where he eventually became the Second in Command. Upon leaving the military, Dr. Washburn came to California and eventually opened his own practice. He has proudly served the families of Salinas, CA for more than 40 years.

Is emergency dental care available?

Dentists shouldn’t just fix dental problems; they should help prevent them. C

Extreme dental pain and a knocked-out tooth are two of the most common dental emergencies. If you or a loved one experiences one of these, do you know who to call?
The most convenient option would be your dentist. Unfortunately, not all dentists offer emergency care, which means patients must wait until the next day to call the dentist or use a dentist they don’t have a trusted relationship with.
Our office provides 24/7 emergency dental care so you can receive the care you need, when you need it.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is the best way to learn if a dentist is indeed the best dentist for you and your family. During this appointment, you’ll get a feel for the office environment and the dentist’s priorities. Also, feel free to ask the dentist questions about his treatment philosophy, training, and experience.
To meet with our Salinas, CA dentist, call (831) 758-0959 today.