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3 Oral Health Tips for this November Holiday Season


The nights are longer. The weather is cooler. The turkeys are gobbling a little more anxiously.

It’s November, a time of family, friends, and hopefully fewer PG&E power shutdowns.

It’s also a great month to focus on your dental health. December and January tend to be months with a lot of distractions, and so the more you focus on your oral health now, the better it will be going into 2020 and beyond. Here at Romie Lane Dentist, we care about your teeth and gums, and so we’ve compiled a few November-specific oral health tips to help you better manage your dental care.

Dental Tips for November with Dr. Mark Washburn

Thanksgiving is… Not the Best for Your Teeth

We don’t expect you to skip out on a great Thanksgiving meal. But it may be a good time to brush and floss maybe a bit more than you do throughout the year. Cranberry sauce and wine stain the teeth and have acids that break down enamel. Pumpkin pie and other sweets have a lot of sugar. Cornbread and stuffing have a lot of plaque friendly starch.

We know that nobody is going to be able to stop you from a great meal with your family, but make sure you don’t skip the floss this year.

Family Tension Affects Teeth

Speaking of the Thanksgiving Holiday season, if you’re like many families, Thanksgiving is a time with a little bit of tension. Lots of families find that the holiday rush is fun, but a bit stressful, especially when it comes to organizing or hosting many different family members.

Finding a way to reduce this stress is useful, not only because it prevents any big fights between you and your uncle, but also because stress affects dental health as well. Tension creates clenched teeth, buildup of gum bacteria, and more – all of which can hurt your oral health. The best way to avoid this is to be mindful of the anxiety and stress you experience before the Thanksgiving holiday and try to de-stress whenever you can.

It’s Final (Dental Insurance) Benefits Countdown

The vast majority of dental insurance is “use it or lose it” and expires on December 31st, before refreshing for the new year. If you haven’t yet used your dental benefits, you have fewer than 2 months remaining before they’ve expired and cannot be used. Schedule an appointment before the end of the year, and use up those benefits that you’ve paid for.

However, November/December is also very busy for dentists, and the prime appointments fill up fast. We’ll always do our best to fit you in, but if you want to get your preferred time you’ll want to call right away at 831-758-0959.

Need a Salinas Dentist? Call Dr. Mark Washburn Today

Your oral health is extremely important, and November does have some events and issues that can damage your teeth and gums. Whether you’ve been with us before or you’re looking for a new dentist in Salinas, we’re ready to see both current and new patients from now until the end of the year to make sure that your oral health is being cared for. Give us a call today, or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.