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Why Choose Conservative Restorations Over Crowns

There are different ways to approach every type of dental challenge. As dentists, it’s up to us to determine not just what is right for the tooth, but also what is right for the patient.
When a tooth breaks, chips, or experiences visible decay, some dentists jump straight to dental crowns. Crowns are absolutely a fantastic treatment option for select patients. But Dr. Marc Washburn and his team know that crowns, while effective, are also costly and come with drawbacks. When possible, Dr. Washburn will take a conservative approach to help your teeth regain form and function.

Benefits of a More Conservative Approach to Treatment

Every mouth is different. The only way to know the best approach is to have you come in for an appointment. There are situations when a dental crown is the best option, and these situations can only be discovered by a thorough exam.

But a conservative approach to repair damaged teeth is often the preferred one. That is because it has many clear benefits, including:

  • Lower Cost – Part of our commitment to our patients is to only perform dentistry that they need, and to provide the lowest cost possible. If conservative dentistry can repair the teeth, then it should be the choice to help reduce the strain on your budget.
  • Simpler Procedure – The procedure requires fewer alterations to your teeth, which means that it carries fewer risks and usually involves less discomfort for the patient.
  • Better for Bite – Though crowns can be crafted perfectly to match the grooves of your bite, conservative treatments, like fillings, are almost a guaranteed fit when placed in the hands of experts.
  • Longer Lasting/Fracture Resistance – Finally, though crowns are generally long lasting, they are also more likely to break or fall off. Resin fillings and other conservative treatments have better impact resistance.

These are only a few of the reasons that a conservative dental treatment may be better for chipped and damaged teeth compared to crowns.

Contact Salinas Dentist Dr. Washburn Today

There are many different types of dental treatment options. Conservative treatments, however, should be the priority when applicable. It’s important to come in for a full examination to determine which one is right for you. Give our office a call at any time at (831) 758-0959, and we’ll provide you with our honest feedback and an idea of what each treatment option entails.