When you have a toothache, a loose tooth, or signs of decay, the first step is to call your dentist office. Here at Romie Lane Dentist we are accepting new patients, and you do not have to wait weeks to be seen!

The dentist will diagnose the issue and conduct the right procedure to correct the problem. This could be a filling, a root canal, an implant, dentures, or more. This work is necessary, but typically occurs after there are already painful or upsetting dental problems. 

Preventative dental care is about establishing healthy habits early and addressing issues that come up before they become larger problems. This type of dentistry is the preferred method of oral care for both Dr. Washburn and insurance companies, because it is more affordable and less invasive for the patient. It can also limit other health concerns beyond your dental health. 

How Preventative Dentistry Works

Dentistry is often seen as the treatment of tooth and gum issues, and in many ways it is. Fixing tooth decay, gingivitis, and other oral health issues is one form of dentistry. Addressing the problems with the visual appearance of your teeth and smile through cosmetic dentistry is another. 

But the majority of dental care is meant to be preventative, and rely on you as much as your dentist.

Healthy teeth start with your own routine at home. Brushing and flossing, as well as avoiding foods that are harmful to your teeth, are the foundation of preventative dental care. These steps remove plaque and bacteria that damage teeth, ensuring that your teeth are as healthy as possible every day.

Regular visits to your dentist are also a key part of preventative dentistry. At Romie Lane Dentist, Dr. Washburn and the team correct and detect potential problems through:

A dentist visit provides opportunities for education as well. Even if you regularly brush and floss, issues can still arise in your teeth and gums. The dentist can explain the risk factors and help establish a plan so that you both can protect your teeth effectively.

Without preventative dentistry, the chance of future problems increases significantly, and you are more likely to need invasive and expensive procedures as your dental health declines. Oral health challenges have also been linked to problems with your overall health. Poor health of your teeth and gums increases your risk of conditions like heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Preventative Dental Care at Romie Lane Dentist

Romie Lane Dentist focuses on preventative dentistry. Dr. Washburn is trained in providing top quality care for all dental issues, and can treat problems at all stages of your oral health. But to provide you with the best comprehensive dental care we work to prevent these dental concerns from happening at all.

We know the signs of tooth decay, erosion, gum disease, and ineffective dental hygiene, detecting them long before they become problematic. We also know the best ways to prevent all of these challenges so that your dental care is more comfortable and affordable, with less risk for long term issues.

To get started with preventative dentistry in Salinas with Dr. Washburn, call us today. We can set up an appointment for your care, answer any questions about the types of dentistry we offer, and help you manage your dental health for the long term. Call us to schedule your first appointment today. 831-758-0959

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