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What Happens if Your Dental Crown is Bothering You?

Dentals crowns are one of the most important procedures we have in the field of dentistry. They play a role functionally, capable of protecting broken or damaged teeth. They also play a role cosmetically, helping to repair the appearance of teeth that are broken, chipped, or misshapen in some way. 

After a few days, dental crowns are supposed to feel just like a normal tooth. But there are times when something feels off. Maybe the crown is causing discomfort. Maybe the crown feels like it doesn’t fit in the mouth or isn’t centered on the bite. When that happens, it’s possible something is wrong. 

What it May Mean

If you feel that something is off about your crown, it’s important to call your dentist. Dr. Mark Washburn and his staff are available to answer your call at any time, and are here to help ease your mind about the crown or fix it if something is wrong. It does take a couple of days to adjust to a new crown, so if you recently had it completed it may just be your mouth getting used to its presence.

But if it’s been longer than a few days and you still feel it’s uncomfortable, or a lot of time has passed and an old crown feels off, the following may be some potential causes:

  • Crown Filing While Numb – In an ideal world, you’d be able to close your mouth and see how the crown feels before leaving the office. But your mouth is numb during the procedure, which means it’s not necessarily possible to see how the crown feels in your mouth when you bite. Experienced dentists like Dr. Washburn are good at figuring out your bite even while you’re numb, but it is something that can arise.
  • Crown is Uneven – Uneven crowns can lead to discomfort or even pain. There is a thin tissue layer found underneath teeth called the periodontal ligament. When teeth are uneven, that ligament can become inflamed, which leads to tooth pain. 

These are the two most likely issues that lead to discomfort or pain in the teeth from a crown. 

Next Steps: What Happens if the Crown is Off?

Getting a dental crown is not everyone’s favorite procedure. So it’s normal to be a bit concerned about calling for a follow up appointment. But there is good news. Fixing a crown that is “off” in some way is often one of the simplest procedures a dentist can do. You can be in and out sometimes in a matter of minutes, with essentially no discomfort. 

There may be a few situations where a more intensive follow up is needed, such as if the crown itself has broken in some way, but in the vast majority of cases, fixing a crown is a quick and easy process. 

If you are in Salinas or the surrounding cities and something feels wrong with your crown, contact our office and Dr. Washburn will make the time and we will fix the problem himself.  

Give us a call at (831) 758-0959.

Our office is located at 601 E. Romie Lane, Suite 5 Salinas, CA 93901