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Quiz: Do you know how to find a great dentist?

The internet has made finding services of all kinds extremely simple. For example, typing “dentist near me” in the Google Search bar will result in a lengthy list of local dentists. While this is extremely helpful, convenience doesn’t always mean quality. To find a great dentist, you must know what qualities you are looking for. So, do you know how to find a great dentist near you? Take this quiz to find out! 

Try to answer these questions on your own before reading our answers to see how you score. 

  • What services should the dentist offer? 

Without a doubt, your dentist should offer preventive treatments for patients of all ages. These include regular dental cleanings, exams, dental sealants, and routine X-rays. But unless you plan on never having any oral health issues, the dentist should offer more services than this. 

A great dentist will also provide restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Restorative treatments repair chipped, cracked, or infected teeth. They also replace lost or knocked-out teeth, and cosmetic dentistry can give you a picture-perfect smile. 

Emergency dental care is another huge benefit to patients. You’ll want to know exactly who to call and where to go in one of these unexpected situations: 

  • Deeply chipped or broken tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Filling or crown lost and exposing the root
  • Severe dental pain that doesn’t respond to pain killers
  • What is a great dentist’s top priority? 

Skimming through a dentist’s website can tell you a lot about his priorities. Conservative treatments, prevention, patient comfort—these are all phrases that should catch your attention. 

Great dentists believe prevention is the best policy when it comes to maintaining oral health. However, for patients with oral health problems, the dentist’s main concern is helping patients achieve optimal oral health through conservative treatments. All of this is done in an office environment that makes patients feel safe, relaxed, and valued. 

  • Is it important for a dentist to stay up to date with the latest technology? 

Absolutely! This is essential to providing safe, conservative, and fast treatments. 

For example, at Romie Lane Dentistry, our digital X-ray machine has a much lower radiation rate than traditional machines and allows patients to stay in the comfort of their chair. We also offer CEREC dental crowns that are created on the same day so patients can leave our office with a fully restored, fully functioning smile after just one appointment.  

  • True or False: You should ask to see before and after photos and patient reviews.

True. A dentist who is proud of his cosmetic dental work will have a portfolio of his previous patients’ new and improved smiles. For patient reviews, you can simply look at Yelp, Google, or Facebook to learn about other patient experiences with a dental practice. 

  • What payment options should be available? 

If you think insurance and cash are the only two financial options you have when it comes to dental care, think again! Dental care can be expensive. Even if individual treatments are affordable, they can add up for patients who need more than one or two restorations. No one should have to live with a cavity, gum disease, or a damaged tooth because of treatment cost. 

Many dentists, like Dr. Washburn, offer in-house payment plans and accept CareCredit®. Before selecting a dentist, make sure these financing options are available to you. 

How’d you score?

If you didn’t know what to look for in a great dentist before, you do now! Once you’ve found the right dentist, schedule an initial consultation to learn more. 

To meet with our Salinas family dentist, call (831)758-0959 today.